A Beautiful, well-groomed nail is an important part of your overall look. Attractive nails and hands enhance your appearance, whether you spend your days in a kitchen or in a boardroom. A basic manicure takes between 30-45 minutes. Artificial nail services, such as tips, acrylics and gels, average about an hour. The cost is quite reasonable, and the results are well worth it.

Now Offering Shellac!
14-Day Wear, Zero Dry Time, Mirror Finish
Say goodbye to nicks, chips and smudges. Shellac is a breakthrough, patent-pending UV3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. No other products in the market can stand up to the claim – on like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes. Shellac does not include Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate). Stop in today, we have many colors to choose from.

NO harsh chemicals, NO nail damage, NO noxious odors
Polycrylic nails have a unique chemical structure made from custom engineered, synthesized polymers. They offer superior adhesion and performance over acrylics nails, gels nails, and wraps.

Using a far superior form of adhesion known as “organic molecular bonding” the nail plate remains intact and free of damaging and corrosive chemicals.

Polycrylic nails are tough, tear resistance, and hard yet not brittle like other nail products, or soft and weak like other gel nail products providing superior strength for the natural nail, to prevent breaking, cracking, chipping and layer peeling.

Polycrylic nails contain no harsh or irritating chemicals found in many other nail care products. We have a totally different chemical structure, to insure a safe, non-damaging nail care product. This ensures your nails and cuticles remain healthy and strong.

Gels & Acrylic
Gels and acrylics are similar in that they both can be used to extend the length of the nails and make them stronger.
One advantage of gel services is that they are odorless Like acrylic, gels can be applied over the natural nail or over artificial nail tips.

Pink and White Nail Service

“Pink and White” refers to the use of two colors of acrylic applied to the nails to produce a more permanent, natural-looking “French” manicure look. The tips of the nails are sculpted using white acrylic. The base of the nail is then overlayed with warm or cool pink, depending on your skin tone.

Artificial Nail Maintenance
Artificial nail applications should be maintained every two weeks. It is important to have regular fills because if the product lifts away from the natural nail, moisture and bacteria can accumulate between them. A professional nail technician can spot problem areas better than someone with an untrained eye.

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